At the entrance of raw materials, during the course of the process, and at the output of final products our quality control inspectors measure each piece and analyze it in detail. The desire for constant improvement of our products quality made by CNC processing and surface protection. We constantly monitor and invest in measurement devices and new technologies in the field of measurements.

We do dimensional measurement of products using the measurement machine TESA REFLEX MH3D RECORDER and Mitutoyo digital moving measure, with which we provide qualitative and precisely measured products for our customers.

TESA MH3D REFLEX RECORDER is a machine for manual and automatic measuring of the maximal measuring scope of X, Y, Z = 440x490x390. The accuracy of the CNC's management is 2.5 µm, while manually managing (using the joystick) is 3 µm.

Final control of the anodized products is done visually, by measuring the default tolerance as well as by measuring the thickness of the oxide layer. We meet our customers' requirements about thickness of the oxide layer by using the Fischer FMP10 instrument for manual measuring.

In order to ensure the traceability of our products we use measurement protocols that follow the series through the main processes.