We have expanded our taper division with the Swiss product turning machine Tornos GT32 / 6. The rotary machine is equipped with 6 linear axes, 2 independent tool systems, 40 tools 14, a Y axis and a C axis.

The main spindle is equipped with a C-axis, max. Number of 8,000 turns / minute and a passage of 32 mm. The driven tools have 6,000 turns / minute.

Tornos GT32 / 6 is also equipped with a ROBOBAR 538 rod bearing, which allows us to achieve higher automation and productivity. The max. Workpiece length is 190 mm, with a min. Rod diameter of 5 mm and max. Diameter of 32 mm.

This automatic lathe allows us to process complex workpieces with high precision.

MarVision MM420 is a digital measuring microscope that, through image processing, determines geometric elements such as point, right, circle, space, angle, intersection of real, and other elements by automatically recognizing edges on a piece.

Measuring range X,Y = 200x100, while the measurement imprecision is dependent on the size of the piece, and is converted by the formula 2,9+(L/100)µm. The degrees of magnification are from 0,7x – 4,5x It matches the image enlargement of 35x – 225x.