1. Material warehouse

We have our own warehouse for materials of different sizes and alloys. In our production facility there is a highly productive horizontal band saw, PE-APR DC 300A Cut Master. It is designed for automatic cutting of wide range of materials, such as steel, aluminium of different alloys, coloured metals, full profiles and pipes. It can repeatadly, reliably and accuratly cut objects for processing to the maximum width of 300 mm. In addition to this saw there is also a saw for cutting laminated material which provides us with a great deal of flexibility and shorter delivery deadlines.

2. The tool warehouse

In the production facility we also have our own warehouse of cutting and clamping tools that allows us great flexibility when designing parts for CNC turning and CNC-milling departments and reduces the delivery deadlines. When selecting cutting tools we focus on quality, durability and price. We sqeeze cutting tool in hot and

3. CNC-turning

In our production facility there is more CNC lathes manufactured by DAINICHI, HARDING, HAAS, TAKISAWA and NAKAMURA. We have expanded our production capacities acquiring NAKAMURA TOME-AS -200 machine with the characteristics of the 65 mm the default through the spindle, controlled machine tools diameter up to 340mm, and the Y-axis. The parts are made mostly from aluminum alloys, but also from plastic, stainless steel, brass and steel. Maximum workpiece dimensions are up to 400 mm fi, and 1,000 mm length, and they can be of very high complexity.

4. CNC-milling

CNC milling department is equipped with vertical system centres of workspace to 750 mm with three, four and five axes. On these machines, we are able to make very complex contours and parts, and all this with the help of software that allows us the 3D milling and 5-axial simultaneous milling. Acquiring these machines (HAAS UMC 750) not only have we expanded production capacities but also enabled manufacturing of a lot more complex positions with reduced production costs.

5. Installation

We manufacture and assemble circuits for customers at home and abroad. If circuits consist not only of our parts but also of parts made from a third party, the company takes this task and completes it for each customer. If you need an assembly of complex circuits, you should definitely entrust this task to us, and we'll do it highly professionally, fast and efficiently.