We have entrusted our business to the IVIS software package to support the company business information functions that serve as our tool in all spheres of business. Employees in the sector of Common Affairs are in direct contact with suppliers and customers, and they take care of acquiring all necessary tools and materials for production. In order to deliver goods to our costumers on scheduled delivery dates, we control raw material stocks based on the minimum and maximum quantity. This way of doing business reduces the delivery deadlines of the final product, which makes us competitive in the market.

Through our business operations, we have gained experience and knowledge in the international transport. Our goal is to satisfy our customers' needs, and therefore the rule JUST IN TIME, i.e. deliver the goods to every customer in the scheduled time. Through years of activities, we keep in step with the time by continuous improvement of the vehicle fleet.

Sector of the common affairs monitors the process beginning from acquiring raw materials, tools, continues with servicing customers, i.e., receiving inquiries and orders, preparing work orders for the production, through the dispatch of goods and their transport to the final customer.


Our team possesses extensive knowledge and is ready to respond to many non-standard customers' requirements and projects very fast production of the parts for CNC milling and CNC turning .

The complete production process takes place under one roof with the maximum coordination of all technological processes ...


The company GAT constantly invests in knowledge and technology, because it follows its motto "the future is created from ideas", and that way gets closer to its goal – to become the leading company in the country and the region, export-oriented market with permanently adopted quality standards that do not deviate the world's standards, and all of that through education and training and organization.


Security and quality management are the basis of our development and improving process. New customer requirements, legal requirements about environment protection, and the local community expectations are directing us to the environmentally sustainable development of a socially responsible company.

We have adapted our business to the requirements of standard EN ISO 9001: 2008 and EN ISO 14001: 2004 in order to fulfill the following objectives:

  • to keep the distinctively high quality of our services and products,
  • improve the management of individual processes,
  • increase customer satisfaction,
  • achieve competence and increased awareness of employees and
  • reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources.

All employees in our company apply four steps defined by the PDCA cycle which constantly improves our production and activity in each process.